Uncontested Divorce

January 27, 2015 6:54 pm

Oklahoma law allows qualifying individuals to obtain an uncontested divorce.  It takes far less time and involves considerably less expense than does a traditional divorce.  In an uncontested divorce,Uncontested Divorce Attorneys in Tulsa you and your spouse are in control of deciding important issues, such as child custody, distribution of marital assets and liability, spousal support or alimony, and the designation of non-marital assets and liabilities.  In agreeing to these central divorce issues, your uncontested divorce can proceed smoothly and without the stress that so often accompanies a typical divorce, which can involve discussions of marital fault, time in court, and more. For more information call our Uncontested divorce attorneys in Tulsa.

If you attempt obtaining an uncontested divorce, one of the first steps involves broaching the subject with your spouse.  Both of you must be in agreement that an uncontested divorce is the type of divorce which you wish to seek.  The following is a list of ways for you to bring up the subject of uncontested divorce in Oklahoma with your spouse:

Staying Out of Court with Uncontested Divorce Attorneys in Tulsa:

One of the advantages of an Oklahoma uncontested divorce is that it allows you to stay out of court.  Contested divorce proceedings will often involve several trips to the courthouse, which can include hefty legal fees, discussion of matters you would otherwise have kept private, and the intimidation of testifying before a judge.  On the other hand, in an uncontested divorce proceeding, you may be able to stay out of court all together.  At most, you will need to make one appearance before the judge that will take just minutes.

Keeping Costs Down with Uncontested Divorce Attorneys in Tulsa:

Another major advantage of an uncontested divorce is that it allows you minimal costs.  An uncontested divorce will still involve some court and attorney’s fees. But the overall cost will pale in comparison to litigating a divorce in court.  In a traditional divorce involving litigious issues. Further, much expense is involved in preparing for trial.  Expenses include those associated with the completion of discovery, preparing and attending hearings, and much more.

Monetary costs are not the only costs involved with a contested divorce.  This type of divorce will also cost you and your spouse much time and energy, along with emotional turmoil.  A contested divorce may come at the cost of your sanity and ability to work together with your spouse.  All of these costs can be avoided with an uncontested divorce.  Here you and your spouse come together to determine a reasonable and just agreement to the marriage termination.

Incentive to Make it Work:

You can discuss with your spouse the fact that you both have an incentive to make an uncontested divorce work. Avoiding the expense, time, and energy of an adversarial divorce puts both of you in a perfect position to work together towards achieving an uncontested one.  You should both enter into settlement negotiations in good faith.  Moreover, you should make an honest attempt to reach a fair agreement as to important issues.

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys and Associates – Uncontested Divorce Attorneys in Tulsa:

Divorce is never easy but obtaining an uncontested divorce can make the entire process less time consuming, expensive, and antagonistic.  If you are considering divorce and would like to know more about your rights and options, the Tulsa Oklahoma Family Law Attorneys at Tulsa Divorce Attorneys and Associates can help.  Our divorce attorneys are compassionate, knowledgeable, and adamant about client satisfaction.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our exemplary divorce lawyers at Tulsa Divorce Attorneys and Associates Law Office.