Oklahoma Same Sex Step Parent Adoptions

September 9, 2016 6:38 pm

Oklahoma Same Sex Step Parent Adoptions are no longer a prohibited method Same Sex Step Parent Adoptionsof parentage. With the Supreme Court’s ruling establishing a right to same-sex marriage, laws in all the states including Oklahoma have expanded several rights for LGBT couples.  One of these new rights is for same sex step parent adoptions.  For years, without the right to marry we haven’t been able to accommodate the adoption needs of children and their same sex parents. Historically, parentage is either a heterosexual couple, or an agreement of a donor. But times have changed and so has the Oklahoma family

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

Although the law changed for same-sex step parents they’ve entered an adoption scene that’s been in place for several years. Over the years, the Family Courts in Tulsa have done countless step parent adoptions. The rules are well established with procedures well known to family attorneys in Tulsa. In regards to step-parent adoptions, the same-sex couple must be married for at least one year. The biological father or mother of the child must either consent to the adoption or the adopting couple must seek to have the biological parent’s rights terminated.  Direct placement or private adoptions have similar requirements, but also include home studies and potentially temporary orders.  In either type of adoption, there may be a best interest hearing.  This determines whether or not final adoption orders should enter.

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Are the Rules Different for Same Sex Step Parent Adoptions

My same-sex clients still call asking if there’s any special rules. They all really know that the answer is no-but like me the newness of it causes a moment of pause. I’ll say it again, there aren’t any special requirements for LGBT spouses or couples.  The same steps and processes were in place prior to the establishment of the right to same-sex marriage, they are just rights extend to same-sex spouses as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling.