Unlike child support, no set equation determines one spouse’s support or alimony in Oklahoma.  Also, unlike child support, alimony and spousal Alimonysupport in Oklahoma is not an automatic right.  A judge awards alimony if the parties agree or the judge, after testimony and presentation of evidence, decides to award it. In Oklahoma our Divorce attorneys can help with spousal support issues. The Oklahoma statute setting forth a parties right for support in a divorce proceeding is fairly vague, it states:

“Either spouse may be allowed such spousal support out of real and personal property of the other as the court shall think reasonable, having due regard to the value of such property at the time of the dissolution of marriage. Alimony may be allowed from real or personal property, or both, or in the form of money judgment, payable either in gross or in installments, as the court may deem just and equitable.”

In more clear terms, the courts and judges in Oklahoma have determined that should a party in a divorce seek spousal support they must demonstrate their need and their spouses ability to pay.  Additionally, the courts and judges will also consider property division as well as debt assumption when deciding whether or not to award an individual support.

What You Must Show the Court to Get Alimony:

The party pursuing a claim for alimony and spousal support will need to show the court that:

1. the other party has the present ability to pay;
2. the other party’s earning capacity; and
3. their own needs and means

The Court Will Also Look At:Alimony

1. the pursuing party’s earning capacity;
2. the pursuing party’s educational history;
3. the duration of the parties marriage;
4. which party is assuming more spousal debt;
5. the amount of spousal property awarded to the party; and
6. the conduct of each of the parties.

Again no set rule exists in Oklahoma statutes for granting the amount of alimony or spousal support.  Therefore, the amount, if any, of award depends on various factors.  There is also no rule for how long an individual will have to pay or will be able to receive any alimony or support.  The loose standard that is often seen, is that when alimony is necessary, the party will receive it for a duration that is about equal to one-third the length of the marriage.

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