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Filing for divorce is one of those times in your life when how you do it and what attorney you hire to represent you will have real and lasting impacts on your future. One reason is that going through a divorce is filled with Tulsa Divorce Attorneys | Child Custody in Divorce |emotion. This emotion can sometimes taint your judgment causing you act in a way that you might not otherwise act. Our Tulsa Divorce attorneys have represented Family Law clients on all sides of a divorce. Whether you are considering filing the divorce, or if your spouse has filed first and has served you, we can help.

Its Time For a Divorce so Now What

For years you spent time with your significant other never truly anticipating the relationship would end. Together, the two of you built a relationship of trust and mutual dependants. Moreover, you may have had children and those same children now find themselves unsure of their parent’s relationship to each other and in many cases torn between the two of you. If a Divorce or Child custody case is in your future hiring the right Tulsa Divorce attorneys is the most important thing you do.

Hiring Tulsa Divorce Attorneys

Our Family law attorneys practice primarily Family law. By hiring an attorney that mainly practices family law you get an attorney that is well versed on the newest court decisions and is familiar with the nuances of the particular judge that will be hearing your family case.

Our family law firm practices in all areas of family law. We handle cases ranging from simple uncontested divorce to those complex cases in involving disputed child custody and division of marital property. We also handle adoptions, guardianships, protective orders and emergency custody cases.

Attorney Profile

Zach Waxman Esq.
University of Tulsa Law Scool
5319 South Lewis Ave., Ste. 125
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105